Sunflower bridal showers & rustic wedding invitation ideas

Wedding and Bridal Shower Ideas for Rustic Invitations

I was on Pinterest the other day, searching for hot ideas for the site. If you don’t have an account on there yet, you really should get one. But be warned, you will find yourself spending way too much time on there. At least I do.

Anyway, while I was browsing one of my usual boards this image came up.

And granted it isn’t the best info graphic I have seen, at least not from the pictures and stuff it has on it. But that would have distracted from all of the great ideas this website has for your rustic weddings. I expected just rustic wedding invitations but they have a lot more. And their Pinterest boards are an even better source so you will want to check them out too. Anyway, so here is this list of 15 incredible ideas for a rustic wedding. And it is mostly covering decorations which was funny because I thought that they never really covered stuff like that, but whatever, right.

Now why is this so amazing you might be asking? I almost skipped over it then I started to read some of the ideas and I was totally amazed that they offered some really good and affordable ideas. So here is a list of ideas that you could use for your bridal shower if you are here looking for sunflowers anyway.

SO here is my condensed list, its like seven of the best ideas but that doesn’t sound good, “7 of the best rustic bridal shower ideas.” So I just left it off. Here they are.

  1. Mason Jars
    My family has used mason jars for generations. They’re a practical solution for many of your kitchen problems, they also make a great decoration for bridal showers and weddings.
  2. Iced Tea
    A must in my opinion this one isn’t so much a decoration, it is more of a refreshment but I wanted to add it in the list.
  3. Jam Favors
    Great idea for the wedding, even better for the bridal shower since you need to have small prizes and there is usually a shortage of cheap good ones for you to pick from.
  4. String of Lights
    So most bridal showers don’t take place in the evening, but there are a thing called couples showers and they are more like a regular party. And you just grill and stuff. And they can get pretty late so if you need evening decorations here you go.
  5. Cowboy (excuse me) Cowgirl boots
    Oh god, I love these, there doesn’t need to be a reason for me to slip into a pare. I can totally agree with the author there. If you don’t have a pair buy some, wear them to your bridal shower and enjoy. If you have a really old pair you can use them as decoration, too.
  6. Flower crown
    Great for the guest of honor, stick it on her when she arrives, she’ll give you that “I hate you” look, but you’ll know inside she loves it.
  7. Tin buckets
    If they are clean you can use them for some food ideas. Or something. If they aren’t just slip them in as another piece of decoration. You will enjoy them since you can ask family members if they have any, and if not you can find some at thrift stores and stuff.

And I know that I left Baby’s Breath off, and some of you may be like “what?!” but I have just never been such a Baby’s Breath fan. Sunflowers yes, and other country flowers but there is just something about them that doesn’t make me want to like them. So if you didn’t like I left them off, sorry. I linked the picture in for you to see the full list yourself.


Update: My bad, I linked the wrong picture in. I fixed it and made it bigger for you so that you don’t have to click around on it to see what it looks like. Though I tried to cover the best parts on the blog so that if you’re on your phone or something and couldn’t read it all you would have some good ideas for a couple of details to go with your country bridal shower and the invitations that go along with it you’ll find right here.

My Blog, First Post

So I guess I need to say a few words here. At least I should give this a try and see if it turns into anything. Anyway, a bit about the shop. I am glad to be able to say that I have invested a lot of time into making this the best resource for sunflower bridal shower invitations I could. And I am also pleased that the site in general has turned out as well as it has. I think that you will agree that sunflowers are a beautiful chance for you to add some country into your bridal shower without a lot of extra work. Because who needs that? We are planning a whole bridal shower and you need to make time for other things that might have more pressing deadlines. I mean I hate it when you just have go and rush at the last minutes. It can make the whole thing stressful is what I am saying. And to answer my question from before, nobody needs that!

Anyway I am going to keep adding new and unique styles of invitations with the sunflower charm to the site as I find them. You can hit me up on Pinterest, or on my Tumblr but that is a little older and I don’t update it as much as I used to.


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